Latest News as of May 11, 2020

-Until we can open to the public, we are hosting the Members Only 3D Shootdown!  Click here for more details.

-We started the Field Shoot League. This is open to all members who are encouraged to shoot the league.  More details on our Events page

-As of Wednesday, April 1, 2020, the State of Texas is currently under a Stay at Home Order until April 30 (  You are accountable for your actions, not the club. Shoot at your own risk.

Currently, some parks in Houston are open, following City and State guidelines (  Your cooperation in this manner enables our club to remain open. 

Until further notice, until the COVID-19 crisis is averted, here are amended rules for BFAC:

  • ·      CLUB MEMBERS ONLY! No guests.  This is not a request.  It is a mandate.
  • ·      Shoot and leave.  No congregating. 
  • ·      One person per bale, nine persons per range.  We have four ranges: two field ranges, the practice range, and the world archery range.
  • ·      Social distancing – we even encourage family members to social distance so it is very clear that everyone at the range is practicing social distancing.
  • ·      Please only come if you plan on shooting.  Only family members who are shooting should come.  If you are not planning on shooting, please stay home. No spectators.
  • ·      No sitting or removing of the tape from any of the benches. You may bring your own seats or stools.
  • ·      Consider bringing your own hand sanitizer.
  • ·      Enter and shoot at your own risk.  Buffalo Field Archery Club is not liable for any actions you take during the COVID-19 crisis.


We are currently closed to the public. For more information, please contact us by email or call 713-489-6307.


Looking for an archery range? Look no further

We are a volunteer driven, non-profit organization that is home to one of the best outdoor archery facilities in the State of Texas!  

We welcome bow hunters, target archers, recreational archers, and all styles of archery including traditional bows, Olympic style bows, and compound bows.

We host 3D shoots, field shoots, FITA style target shoots, youth programs and more. All this made possible by a host of volunteers, including certified coaches and instructors. 

Our expansive practice range, with covered seating and ample parking, is available to membership from sunrise to sunset, almost every day of the year.

Rule #1 is that crossbows, broadheads, firearms, pets, alcoholic beverages, fires, hunting and any device that locks a bow at full/partial draw are NOT allowed at the range.  For more rules, click on the "Facility" tab above.

Become a Member

Membership is the core of our club. The membership fees provide the necessary funds for us to maintain and improve the facility. Members provide the activity, manpower, ideas, and spirit that makes the club thrive.

Visit the membership page for more information and to sign up! 

Visit an Open House

Buffalo Field Archery Club is open to the public, for free, on Saturday mornings from 8am until noon. This is a time for guests to come and visit the facility, meet a board member or volunteer, shoot some arrows and take a tour.

If you don't have your own archery equipment yet, borrow ours! We have some bows on hand for visitors to try archery before taking the plunge.

Before visiting, please be kind enough to read our range rules so you know what to expect. Thank you. We look forward to meeting you.


Email or call


Leave a voice mail, and a board director will get back in touch with you.